Postcards from the Attic

This has to be one of the neatest postcards sites I’ve run across in a long time. These are all postcards from 1900-1910. There are several ways that you can browse this site. You can check out everything that is on this main page or you can click “Complete Archives”.

In “Complete Archives” you can browse by section (Landscapes, Animals, etc.) or you can just go through card by card. And there are a lot of sections. Take you time and go through them. The Novelty section was quite a hoot. My favorite from the Novelty section was the one with the man riding the donkey holding carrots out in front so that the donkey will run faster and says “Am coming as fast as I can travel.”

Now here’s the fun part, any of these you see and like you can share with your friends and family. They have this site up so that you can use these as postcards. Click “Info” under any image you like, and then click “Send as a Card”. This takes you to the form to fill out to send it out via E-mail.

Looking back on the site I would also like to recommend that you check out both the Landscapes section and the Boats and Buildings. These are very good from both a aesthetic point of view and from a historical one and are worth enjoying.

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