Dazzling HTML Email

If you know how to create a web page using HTML, or have a program like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or Go Live for creating web pages, then you can also create attractive emails that will impress and amaze your friends. As far as I know, only Outlook Express can do this—I checked in Thunderbird, Eudora, and Outlook, but didn’t see a way to use this method.

First off, Outlook Express needs to be in Rich Text (HTML) mode. Here’s how to get there: after you click the “Create…” tab, or Ctrl+N, select “Format” then check off “Rich Text (HTML)”. You’ll also need the “Source Edit” tabs showing—go to “View” and check off “Source Edit”.

Now create your email in your favorite HTML editor. Just create it like you would any web page (BTW, we create our newsletters this way). The images should be linked to a location on a server. If you know how to write HTML code or create web pages, then chances are you have some space on the web, even if it is a free server like Lycos.

Once the page is done, copy the source code—that’s the actual HTML. Go back to the OE message you’re creating and click the “Source” tab at the bottom of the window and paste the code into it.


To see how it looks, click the “Preview” tab.


Need to make any changes? Just click the “Edit” tab and type away.

You can get as simple or complex as you want depending on your ability, so have fun.

~ David

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