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How can I print what appears on the screen completely? Many times it will cut off some of the right side of the material.

Many web designers are conscious of the fact that some people will want hard copies of their web pages. For these sites, you can just print in regular Portrait mode. At other sites, however, part of the text gets chopped off in regular page orientation. Before you print anything, it is a good idea to preview the page first. In Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, just go to File / Print Preview

There you can make sure that everything will print correctly. If you see that part of the page will be cut off, just click the Page Setup button (in IE, it looks like a page with a gear on it).

Or, in either IE or Firefox, use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+U). The Page Setup dialog box below is from IE.

You can then change your page layout to landscape. Your browser is, after all, in landscape format, so why not go with the flow. Just click the radio button next to Landscape. The Page Setup dialog box below is from Firefox.

Click OK.

Print Preview will change to show the new layout. Is everything there now? If for some strange reason there is still stuff being cut off, you could go back to Page Setup and change the paper size to legal, then send a nasty email to the webmaster of that site telling them to re-take Web Design 101.

~ David

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