Route 41

Welcome to Route 41 by Lawrence C. Sarsoun. This site is extraordinarily well written and makes you feel as though you had really journeyed to all these places with the author.

Route 66 may be called the “Mother Road” and gets alot of attention as it winds from Chicago to Los Angeles. But there are other roads with other stories. The Route 41 website is about such a road, “a road that people drive on every day, a road that is part of their lives, a road that courses its way north/south through the heartland, the mid-section of America.”

The author took a trip from the cool climes of the north woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to the torrid temps of Miami. “Route 41 is any highway that we live on, it’s where the action is. Life is like that sometimes, it doesn’t matter what road you are on. If you are living, you are going somewhere, and it isn’t the destination necessarily that is so important, it’s the trip, it’s the going. Life is like that sometimes, we must make the trip, do the best we can, try to make the right turns even though the map is sitting in our lap and we haven’t got a clue where we are. Life is like that sometimes, we have to make the trip.” ~ Lawrence C. Sarsoun.

That depicts such a clear picture in my mind that I wanted to make the journey. I wanted to drive from the Upper Peninsula to Miami just to experience what he was talking about. However, with the prices of gas and the lack of a car right now—that is really unfeasible as well as the fact that it is winter and driving in the Upper Peninsula would be treacherous. Instead though I can travel to all these spots via this website and vicariously experience them for myself.

For those of you who don’t want to read it—there are lovely pictures that you should at leas take a look at. There are some very beautiful lighthouses, bridges, boats, and much, much more. My favorite picture though is the second one that shows the sign of Route 41 and tells the beginning of Route 41.

This is a wonderful site full of candid pictures and wonderful words describing the country. I hope that you will treasure it as much as I have.

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