Printing Favorites

Is there a way to print my Internet Explorer Favorites?

Yes and No. You don’t have an option where you can right click your favorites and choose Print or anything like that, but there is a procedure whereby you can create a printable HTML document.

First we need to create the HTML list. With Internet Explorer go to File>Import and export to bring up the Import/Export Settings dialog box.

In the Import/Export Settings dialog box, check Export to a File and click Next.

In the next screen, check Favorites and click Next.

If your favorites are organized into folders you can choose to save all (that would be the top folder Favorites, or just a specific folder.)

Now you’re going to choose a place for the file to export to. Select the Browse button and save it to your desktop for easy finding.

Click Export and you’re done with the first part.

Now, what to do with this file.

Browse to and double click your exported file. It will open up in Internet Explorer. Notice that it is just a page of names with clickable links. Don’t panic, we can print the URLs—stay with me.

Go to File>Print and under the Options tab check the Print table of links box then OK.

Push the Print button and you’ll have a list with addresses!

You can export a list of Firefox bookmarks too: Go to Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks then Import and Backup. Choose a location and name (again, I suggest the desktop) then Save. The only trick here for printing is that you’ll need to open the HTML file with Internet Explorer and print using the method above.


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