How to Get the WorldStart RSS Feed

In order to get an RSS feed you’ll need a reader—these are called aggregators. There are many RSS readers out there—you’ll find that every RSS user has their preference. In addition to stand alone programs like Yahoo, News Gator, Bloglines, Netvibes, Google or Pageflakes, some email clients, like Opera Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, have their own built in RSS reader that collects feeds just like it gathers email.

Here’s how you get the Worldstart RSS feed.

1. Click on the RSS logo found on the Worldstart homepage. It looks like this:


2. Now click on “Click here to bookmark this feed on your browser”. As it says, this will bookmark the feed in your browser.


Now, if you want to use an aggregator, either click on one of the corresponding links (Yahoo, Google, Netvibes, etc.) or simply copy the address in your address bar and paste it into your chosen aggregator to add it to your list of feeds.



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