“Drainspotting is all about paying attention to your surroundings. Manhole covers, drains, grates, trench covers—someone had to design all of these. Functional and ornamental, there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening down by your feet.” I was stymied over how to introduce this site to you so I thought, hey, I’ll use the introduction that lured me into hours of looking drain, man hole, grate and trench covers.

Most of the pictures here are of excellent quality, and I was surprised by how unique these covers were. I already am on the list of those people who looks at grate coverings, I’ve seen one at a Rite Aid in Toledo that looks like a spider web.

To start viewing go to “View Photos”, or click on some of the covers on this page. Some of these are so neat it’s hard to believe that people walk on them. I did enjoy the Ralph Lauren cover from the Fashion Walk of Fame. You’ll notice as you are navigating through the pictures that at the bottom of the selection you have to choose from there is a Jump Button, putX in the number you’d like to start at and jump to it to get some more covers. Suprisingly, the photos start at number 4, I wonder what happened to 1-3, but nonetheless you can start at four and browse through all 1154.

32 — Has an interesting paint job.
40 — Is simply a masterpiece of grating.
75 — Is this a piece of nature?
115 — Simply beautiful.
176 — Colorized image of Osaka, Japan. It’s a gorgeous, masterful, work of art.
187 — From Brussels, Belgium.
193 — From Florida, very neat.

So now you’ve had a sampling you can check out. I couldn’t list all of the really fabulous ones. So go check out these covers.



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