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Empire State Building: Official Site

Welcome to the Empire State Building’s Official Site. The first thing that caught my eye was a section called “Lighting Schedule”. Here you can find out what colors will be lighting up the Empire State Building, and what they are representing. “The Empire State Building has developed an annual lighting schedule which honors National Holidays, seasons, the myriad ethnic groups living in the New York City area and many worthy causes.”

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the Empire State Building Cam, called “ESB Tower Cams”. Click that and be taken to the Towercams. You have to register to use them. (it’s Free). Once you’ve registered it takes you to where you can choose the cam you want to view. There is the ESB Tower Vision, or ESB Tower Cams. ESB Tower Vision, is continuous, streaming feed of the tower. This way of viewing is recommended for users with high-speed access. The Tower Cams are recommended for anyone. The Tower Cams also give you, the viewer, more control over what you are seeing. Both were fairly fabulous views.

If you’re planning on visiting the Empire State Building, you can get tourist information as well as information on what security precautions they are taking. For those of us who can’t make it to the Empire State Building there is the Virtual Tour. Choose “Virtual Tour” from the Menu and watch it pop up in another window. Here you can choose different section of the building to tour, each section contains several photos of the area. Some sections have more photos than others but all of it is worthwhile viewing. My favorite areas to tour were the ESB at Night (you can see how they do their lighting) and the ESB Lobby.

The other two sections that I really enjoyed were the “Facts and Trivia” and the “History Section”. The Facts and Trivia section is full of really interesting facts like:

“On July 28, 1945, an Army Air Corps B-25 crashed into the Building at the 79th floor level. Fourteen people died. Damage to the Building was $1 million but the structural integrity of the building was not affected.”

“Static electricity buildup is so mammoth on top of the Building that, under the right conditions, if you stick your hand through the observatory fence, St. Elmo’s fire will stream from your fingertips. Lovers who kiss up there may find their lips crackling with electric sparks.”

In the History section you get in-depth information on the History of the Empire State Building. That is just as interesting as the tidbits in the Facts and Trivia section. Whether you’re finding information on the ESB for a report, or just as an interest just about everything you need to know is here on this site.



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