And the Bride Wore…

The Introduction to this tells you all you need to know: “While preparing for her own wedding, a dear friend stumbled upon examples of strange, odd, and unflattering wedding accessories. She kept the strangest of the lot, and I am presenting them here, along with her comments.” What scares me the most are the wedding dresses you see from fashion shows.

Strange Headgear — The Oddest Veils and Hats I’ve seen in a long time.

Sleeves Bigger than My Head — Big Puffed Sleeves, need I say more.

Dual-Use Wedding Gowns — Very interesting section, with funny commentary.

Dear Wedding Lady — My Butt isn’t Big Enough… These dresses definitely add a lot to the whole hip region.

Flower Abuse — Some very strange arrangements, and uses for flowers.

What Were They Thinking — This by far is my favorite gallery, it is the one with the most pictures too. I really thought some of these were atrocious. A lot of them are from Fashion shows. You can tell from the odd designs and runways. Kung-Fu Wedding was very funny.

Groom’s Gloom, Do Unto Others, and Bridesmaid’s Lament — were short, and sweet galleries. The bridesmaid’s one was the most painful.

With a lot of funny commentary, and a lot of horrid wedding fashions, this is a site that just might make you laugh, and cringe in horror.

David Samuel Thomas

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