Star Wars Origami

Star Wars Origami

We’ve brought you origami sites before, but none quite like this. This is Star Wars Origami! Now you can fold yourself a Millennium Falcon, a Naboo Fighter, or even R2-D2.

This site opens up with a helpful intro that you may need if you’ve never done origami before. Then you need to click on “SW Diagrams” on the menu so you can see your array of options for folding. The instructions come in Large and Small. If you decide to use the Large Diagrams you can always click the Printable Size link at the bottom if you decide to print it out. There are 15 designs in all, 14 regular, and then another version of the Millennium Falcon.

Now I know all you think you’re getting out of this site is Star Wars Origami, but wait—if you look on the menu there is the option of “More Diagrams”. If you click that option, you get whisked away to 9 more diagrams that have nothing to do with Star Wars. There is the creature from Pitch Black, and one called Cat Nap that is adorable. Not to mention a Pterodactyl, Train, and Dollar Parrot.

And if that alone wasn’t enough to make this site awesome, there is a Photo Gallery! Choose the gallery on the side menu: Animals & People, Machines & Stuff, or Dollar Folds. My favorite gallery is the Dollar Folds, but don’t let that stop you from checking out the other two galleries because they are loaded with really cool origami masterpieces.

Now to the last section I want to talk about. The section “Basics”. This is where you will learn all the basic folding you might need to know if you have no idea how to fold basic bird or basic frog. Or if you have never done it at all, or if like me you need a refresher.

I like leaving dollar folds for tips when I’m out and about. So that’s where I spent the most time. Check this site out! Can you tell I’m excited about it?


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