Use that viewfinder

Our article on viewfinder diopter adjustment prompted the comment, “Who cares what the picture looks like through the viewfinder? I use the LCD screen anyway.” For the article, head to:

So why, with that fancy LCD screen on the back of your camera, would you even consider squinting into primitive viewfinder?

One word:


I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but most regular (non-SLR) digital cameras are a bit slow when it comes to shooting action. It seems like the LCD monitor likes to show you what happened a split second ago. You shoot, miss, shoot again, miss again – need I go on?

Well, here’s what’s really great about that unappreciated viewfinder you’ve got there. It sees the word in real time – no delay at all (OK, you do need to wait for the light to travel from your subject to the viewfinder, but that’s getting a bit picky).

So, when you’re trying to take an action shot (like your kid on a merry-go-round), go ahead and pull that camera to your face. Don’t worry about the effects of any nose grease on the back of the camera, just go for it. You’ll find that getting that perfect image isn’t so tough after all – and that your viewfinder actually does serve a purpose 🙂

~ Steve

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