Motorcycle Online: Virtual Museum

This site is divided into four sections: Vintage Iron, Racing, Restoration, and History.

Vintage Iron — This is where you can see things that are in museums. From the Indian’s Model 841 that never really did come into fruition to the Ural. I highly recommend the “Ural? What the heck is a Ural?” section—it is quite interesting. The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit has great pictures of antique motorcycles dating back to 1901. I particularly like the Bohmerland from 1925.

Racing — Read all about vintage motorcycle racing, and Project TZ50. A great read with incredible pictures for all you racing fans.

Restoration — Here you can see some classic rebuilds, some restorations of vintage motorcycles and an interview with Walt Riddle, Master Restorer. Great reads, and full of helpful tips if you are of a mind to restore vintage motorcycles. My favorite is “The Long, Hard Process of Restoring a 1948 Indian Chief.” I happen to love Indian bikes, there is just something about them, and that would be the motorcycle I would own.

History — this section makes the site shine. From “The First Motorcycle?” to the “A Brief History of Indian Motorcycles” you find the gems that really brought motorcycles into fruition. Learn about the first attempts to make a motorcycle and how it was refined over the years. Make sure you read about the Indian Motorcycles who were once the number one race winners, and manufacturers of motorcycles in America.


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