What's for Dinner?

This is more than just a recipe site. The goal is to help you make dinner time family time.

At What’s For Dinner you’ll find a different meal that you can make every day, and you get the shopping list for what you need to make it. Just click the link for “Today” under “Meals” and you’ll be whisked to the next page. On this page you’ll find a photo of a meal with a different day’s name on it, one for each day of the week as well as the shopping list next to the photo, that will help you with the ingredients and what you need to buy you can even add your ingredients to the list with the blank box next to it. Underneath the photo you have the link to Get the Recipe!

Under the “Table Topics” section you’ll discover conversation starters and games to encourage family interaction.

Check out “Quality Time” for 15 minute educational activities that families can do together.

Be sure to click the “Newsletter” link to sign up for their free newsletters.



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