Bigger Desktop Icons

Is there a way to make my Desktop icons bigger?

You can use this tip to make them bigger or smaller. I’ll also show you how to change the label font and its size.

Windows XP:

Right-click the desktop and choose “Properties” Select the “Appearance” tab then click the “Advanced” button.

Under “Item”, pick “Icon” from the drop down list. Under “Size” use the arrow keys to make the icons bigger or smaller (you could also type in a number).


Click “Apply” to make changes. If you don’t like how it looks, follow the procedure again.

You’ll also notice “Font” and “Size”. This is where you can change these settings. If you make large fonts, you may need to use a smaller font to prevent overlapping.

If you don’t like the way the icons are spaced you can always change that too. Under “Item” select “Icon Spacing (Horizontal)” or “Icon Spacing (Vertical). Choose a number slightly bigger than your icon size and it will adjust the space.

Windows Vista and 7:

For all of you Vista or 7 users out there, making your desktop icons bigger is as easy as…well, this is really easy.

Go to your desktop, hold the CTRL key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. This will make the icons bigger and smaller at the flick of a finger! You can also just right-click your desktop, and under “View” there are options for small, medium and large icons.

Hurray for desktop customization control!


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