Eye on Science

Well the first option you are going to want to make is to view the site in English. (Unless you read German, in that case you can choose Deutsch.) This site is best viewed at Full Screen. You can use the keyboard shortcut of F11 to make you browser Full Screen. Press F11 again if you need your page back at regular viewing size.

Eye of Science is a site dedicated to Scientific Photography. The sections you can check out are along the bottom of the screen, on the navigation bar. You’ll see EOS, Equipment, Gallery, News, Awards, and much more.

EOS — gives their philosophy, and facts. What they created the site for, and who did so.

Equipment — this section tells you what kinds of technology was used to make this possible. They made use of Elektron Microscopy, Computertomography, Light Microscopy, and Underwater Photography.

Gallery — This is where all the good stuff is. It’s divided into sections — Cristils, Bakteria, Botany, Medicine, Fungus, Technic, and Zoology. Not only are the images really neat, but there are full descriptions of what the picture is of and how it was processed.

News — Recent interesting news involving their site.

Awards — What awards they have received and are proud enough to display. The reason I’m telling you about it is because there are photos attached to each one. The World Press Photo was really cool — you should check it out!



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