Groom 411

This is your guide to the good, bad and ugly of being a groom. It’s about making your wedding, or your son’s wedding, or heck even your grandson’s wedding easier to manage.

Here you can learn the Groom’s responsibilities. I mean what exactly is the Groom supposed to pay for? There is whole section here that breaks it down into who is expected to pay for what in a traditional wedding arrangement. Does that mean that you need to follow it? No, you should work out what’s best for your wedding plans. This is just the general accepted who pays for what. That’s just the start of the helpful tips on this site.

Here you can also find Toast Suggestions, Honeymoon Suggestions, Tuxedo Basic, Legal (not so fine) Print and a ton more of helpful sections that will make the Wedding you are planning go with out a hitch.

There are also forums, for discussion, if you need help right then. You can check out the General Groom Info Forum, Favorite Registry Items, and Wedding Horror Stories. Not to leave out the Wedding Tools section where you can find budget help, the in-decision-o-matic, countdown timer and much, much more.


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