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“On January 1, 2005, the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities launched the Mass Moments project—a daily almanac of Massachusetts history. Throughout 2005, radio listeners and Internet users will find a different story every day about events and people in the recorded history of Massachusetts.”

If you have questions about how the site is set up you should check into the “About” section which goes through a full description of the layout, where to find things, and how things work.

When this site loads up you will be given a snippet of Today’s moment, you can then choose to learn more by clicking “More on this Moment,” which will give you more information on that moment. Or you can click “Play this Radio Moment” from the main page instead and listen to it.

From the Main page you can also Search Moments, Discuss Moments, or you can look under the moment for that day, and see the days listed, and choose a day to check out Past Moments from the site.

The day I was there was February 24th, and the moment was that on February 24th, 1980, the U.S Hockey Team Won Olympic Gold. The moment was as follows.

“…in 1980, the U.S. Hockey Team beat Finland to win the Gold Medal at the Lake Placid Olympics. What really captured the country’s imagination occurred two days earlier in the semi-finals. The young Americans’ thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Soviet Union, remembered ever since as the ‘Miracle On Ice,’ showed that speed and endurance could outweigh experience and technical skill.”

Another great moment from the week was February 21, 1838.

” …in 1838 a woman addressed a legislative body for the first time in American history. An overflow crowd gathered at the State House in Boston as Angelina Grimke, daughter of a South Carolina slave owner, presented anti-slavery petitions signed by 20,000 Massachusetts women. “

The reason this one was so great was also because of the discussion board for this moment where it was stated that another woman went before legislative body almost two hundred years before Angelina Grimke. You should check it out if you want to know more. I know that I’ll be adding this site to my favorites list.


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