Download: BHO Demon 2.0.19

This week’s download is a little gem that helps figure out if any of those BHO’s you have on your browser are safe or are known to be malicious. Now you may be saying one of two things: (1) “Great these BHO’s have been going on unchecked in my system for far to long”, or (2) “Hey Ma, you ever hear of a BHO?” Well don’t feel a shamed if you don’t know what a BHO is. I myself had to read up on it, but now I know, and I’m here to pass on the knowledge.

A BHO is a “Browser Helper Object” and what that means on the street is a little program that attaches itself to your browser as an add on tool, usually or possibly without your knowledge at all. Once installed the range of what they do is on both sides of the spectrum—good and bad.

An example of just a few BHO’s would be Google search bar or Bugnosis, which are both BHO’s, which in this case are nice little tools. Both of these BHO’s help the browser search and possibly perform other functions.

On the other side of this spectrum are BHO’s like MyWeb Search or others, which are not so helpful and are actually a pain to get out of your system and may have installed themselves without your knowledge.

With the range of possible functions one of these BHO’s can perform it’s hard to know for sure if they are helping you or “Selling you out”. What I mean by this is if you happen to pick up a cool web tool from some site or from a link in a message board and you’re not familiar with the company or product you may be setting yourself up. This web tool that would have you believe that it is helping you out is in actuality giving away your information, or carrying out some other secret mission for others.

This is where the BHO Demon comes in handy. Lord knows I download all kinds of add-ons for my browser; do I always know if they are pests or legitimate Internet tools? Not always. It’s nice to have something to keep the tools inline, kind of like internal affairs.

If you’re one of the thousands that look forward to our spectacular weekly downloads then you may notice a couple of BHO’s when you run BHO Demon. Tiny Spell, Spoofstick, and Bugnosis, are all old downloads that we ran that come up as BHO’s, but none of them are diagnosed as a threat. It is easy to see if the program finds the BHO dangerous by the columns preceding the entry, if the BHO is not seen as a threat then you will see. You may see something next to the entries that says “investigating” which means it doesn’t have enough information on it yet.


From the list you can then disable suspect BHO’s or ones under investigation that you are not sure of.

Download Here:

~ Chad

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Chad Stelnicki

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