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Today’s download is for you Instant Message maniacs out there. I know a lot of you use your AIM (AOL Messenger) or your Yahoo! Messenger—it’s a neat way to chat with friends and co-workers quickly and easily. Best of all it’s free!

There’s one issue that you’re bound to run into though: people you want to connect with use different messenger services. For example, your son is on Yahoo, your daughter uses AIM, the guy from work uses MSN. The problem is that they the lack the ability to communicate with each other. In order to establish a line of communication both parties need to be logged into the same service.

Trillian bridges these gaps in a slight-of-hand fashion by allowing you to literally communicate with all the different messenger services… at the same time. Trillian is almost like a messenger service manager—it allows you to communicate with several services at once. It does this by logging you in to all the services that it is set to open. Trillian then displays all your messages and such that where sent and have received through session windows. You can see who is on line from all your buddy lists. The long skinny of it all is that you can chat with your son, daughter, whomever without manually logging in to three different messenger services.

Trillian manages accounts—it doesn’t create them. If there is a particular messenger that you need in order to communicate with someone, for instance your daughter who uses AIM, then you will need to go out to AOL and create an account, (it’s free) then take your information and plug it into Trillian. You shouldn’t have to open AIM again, not even to log on. Trillian will handle it from then on. Let’s say you have an account with all the messenger services (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!)—it will log you into all of them with no interaction from you if that’s what you want,

This is a must-have for anyone out there who uses their instant messengers a lot. It will make life so much easier. One note: Trillian’s free version does not support Yahoo’s great video conference feature, so if you want to use that you will have to log in directly to Yahoo in order to take advantage of it.

I hope you like Trillian. It’s been around for a while and is what “people in the know” use.

Download Trillian from their website (for the free version, choose “Basic”)…

~ Chad

** WorldStart is not the developer of this program. For help, check out the Forum and Support offered by Trillian…

Chad Stelnicki

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