Keyboard Sumo

Now here is fun site to while some time away when you’re with a buddy. Had a dispute over what flavor of ice cream is better? Or maybe who should do those nightly chores like taking out the trash? Sick of your kids arguing? Well you could settle it with some Keyboard Sumo.

What’s Keyboard Sumo? Well it’s Sumo Wrestling from the comfort of your home and you are in control of the action from your keyboard. One person gets the “F” key, the other gets the “J” key and then it’s time to wrestle. 🙂

The instructions are all laid out for you on the first page. After reading them and getting ready for some Sumo action click “Let’s Fight” to begin.

The fight lasts three rounds—the winner gets family honor. So come on everybody, “Let’s get ready to RUMMMMBLLLE!”


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