Shoelacing Methods

Did you know that “on an average shoe with six pairs of eyelets, there are 1,961,990,553,600 ways to feed a shoelace though those 12 eyelets?” That was the first bit of information that caught my eye upon entering this site. If you click “2 Trillion” in that section it takes you down to the in-depth explanation.

Next you come across a yellow table talking about the Ian Knot. If you click the words “Ian Knot” you’ll be taken to the information on how to tie the Ian Knot as well as rate it. Rumored to be the fastest knot you can tie when tying your shoes. On the side menu you get the option to jump to specific ways to tie knots.

If you scroll down past the yellow table you’ll find the 22 diagramed methods to lace your shoes. From Criss Cross lacing that is very popular to Checkerboard lacing, you’ll find varied methods that give very different and unique looks to your lacings. Note that this is not for shoes or boots that have lugs, hooks, or the like, but it is for eyelets or holes. Just like the knot section you will find that you can jump to specific knots without ever scrolling down by making use of the side menu.

What else is cool about this site? Well you can rate the lacings and then check out the results in the Lacing Rating section. So what’s the general opinion on how to lace you shoes? Check out the section to find out.

Now I’m going to go get my tennis shoes and try this out!


**If the site is not found it could be that we sent so much traffic that it overwhelmed their server. Try back again another day.

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