Their Circular Life

You should know ahead of time that this site has sound and is a flash site. If you don’t have Macromedia Flash they have a link right on the first page that will take you to go get it.

The intro explains what the site is about but it isn’t necessary to view it to get the most out of this site. It is all about Exploring Humanity through still photos that you can speed through via time lapse photography to learn all about a certain place’s day.

Click the arrow to explore. This loads the rest of the site after you’ve seen the intro, it also loads the site if you chose to skip the intro. You use the arrow to navigate, move the arrow on the circle as slow or as fast as you like to make the picture change. You can savor every change or you can speed through it to get an impression of what a day at the location is like.

There are five locations: a train station, a street and canal scene, an intersection on a roadway, a park, and a river scene. The river one is my favorite because you can watch the changes in nature as well as the people. Although, I will say that they are all worth looking through.

Go experience life, even if it is from in front of your computer.


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