Official Website of the Sultan of Swat

Welcome to the Official Babe Ruth site. Here you can learn all about the “Sultan of Swat’s” life. Just check out the section “About Babe Ruth”.

Here you will find News, his Biography, Stats, and Pictures. On the side menu you’ll find Achievements, Quotes, Awards, and Fast Facts. The biography is a quick 3 page read that is very informational.

I loved the Quote section best of all. This is where you can see what the man himself said. From famous quotes to obscure ones, you’ll find it all here. I’d recommend this section to everyone.

I also enjoyed the “Fast Facts” section where I learned an overview of Babe Ruth’s life. From who he married to how he threw.

There is a lot of information to digest at this site so take your time, and explore the many facets of Babe Ruth.

You can also find links to Tribute sites, the Babe Ruth Museum and much, much more. Enjoy!


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