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I have a computer at home and one at work. I use Internet Explorer on both, but my home computer shows the backgrounds differently. My work computer will show a webpage with a white background, but when I view that same page at home, the background is gray. Which is right, and how do I fix it?

What’s happening is that the page you’re looking at has no set background color. When that happens, Explorer sets it for you. By default, this color is usually white.

Fortunately, this is really easy to change. Open Internet Explorer, hit the Tools menu, Internet Options.

You should see a tabbed screen. On the first tab (General tab), you’ll see a button towards the bottom for “Colors”. Press it and you’ll get a little screen with some options.

My guess is that the “Use Windows Colors” checkbox is probably unchecked. Put a checkmark in that box and everything should be back to default. Click OK a few times and try it.


If for some reason that doesn’t work, go back to the colors screen and uncheck the box. Now, click the button next to “Background:” and select white from the little color selection box that pops up.

That should get things back to normal for you.

P.S. Note that you can also change your default text color as well as your default link colors from the colors screen. For more on link colors check out our website…

~ Steve

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