Move Your Temporary Internet Files

As you probably know, the pictures and pages from every website you visit are saved in a temporary internet file on your computer. This allows frequently visited pages to come up quicker since the browser grabs the cached data. Cookies, both good and bad, are stored there as well.

There are several reasons that I can think of to go into your temp files. One is to delete cookies—see our tip on the website…

Another is to save a picture or sound file that was on a page you visited. You can also monitor where someone has been (if they don’t have it IE set to empty the cache when the browser closes).

Of course you can get to your temp folder through IE, but wouldn’t it be nice to have this file easily accessible? If you find yourself in the temporary Internet folder on a regular basis, then check this out.

You heard me right: you can change the location of your temp file.

Go to Tools/Internet Options. Under the “General” tab click the “Settings” button for Temporary Internet Files. Click the “Move Folder” button near the bottom of the window.


Select the new location for your temp folder. You could move it to “My Documents”, to a different drive, partition, or even another computer on a network.


After selecting a location click OK. Your computer will restart and when it wakes up your folder will be in the new location.

~ David


David Samuel Thomas

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