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I know I’ve done desktop enhancements before, but I like them. I like making changes to the stale Windows interface. I like that my desktop looks entirely different than everyone else’s—it stands out and makes everyone jealous of my super cool interface (man am I a geek!). Object Dock is another desktop enhancement, a little Macintosh-ish, but still cool.

Object Dock is an alternative toolbar that’s more aesthetically pleasing than the old toolbar, and has some cool, yet easy to use features. The program is completely customizable, giving you control over every aspect of the program’s look, feel, and features. Transparency, color, and width are just a few of the integrated configurable features with others you can download. You can quite literally hide your toolbar and use the Object Dock if you feel that two toolbars is redundant, or configure it to complement your existing tool bar and get objects off your desktop. Either way you go, the program gives you complete flexibility to customize it as you see fit, and with tons of downloadable icons it’s a lot of fun to set up and use.


So if you like tweaking out your XP, or are tired of the limited customization of the Windows toolbar, then you will love Object Dock. Download it and run it through its paces, see if it’s something you’ll use. It’s free and there’s nothing to lose. It really is a bunch of fun.

Download Object doc
Download Icons

~ Chad

*Worldstart is not the developer of this software. For problems, check out the Stardock support page…

Chad Stelnicki

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