Weird Gardens

Check out this interesting garden at an old Baltimore row house. Your journey begins by clicking “Enter”.

Once inside you’ll notice that this garden site starts in the front yard, goes through the house, to the back yard garden. Aren’t we in for some great exploration?

You have the navigation options of Front Garden , Porch, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Deck, and Back Garden . But you can also get around each section by clicking on the pictures underneath the menu bar for some really great close ups which pop-up in their own window. (I allowed my browser to temporarily allow pop-ups, and boy was it worth it. Just remember to change your settings back. Or if you don’t want to deal with changing your settings you can always use the short cut, and hold CTRL down when you click, which allows it to pop up without hassling you about the pop-ups.)

In each section you get some great pictures, and interesting descriptions of what that part of the garden is like. Above the menu bar you may also find the option to view a video clip. I believe the clips are in QuickTime, and they show you a panned shot of the garden.

While the gardens are quite lovely and unique, boy is the house itself pretty eclectic. I hope you enjoy surfing through these weird gardens as much as I did.

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