World Mysteries

“Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Meet subject experts, find related books and resources.” That’s a quote from the index page of this site, and let me tell you it lured me right in. You’ll also see how mystery is defined and then you’ll see the enter button, click it begin your exploration.

There are so many different ways to explore this site—you can use the menu at the top of the page, the side bar menu, or even scroll down the page to check out the “What’s New” articles. However, you will notice just under the Socrates quote that there is a green and yellow table that contains the link “How to Navigate this Website”. This will take you to a decent explanation of how to hop from link to link.

I’d like to focus on the menu at the top of the page which contains the sections: Mystic Places, Strange Artifacts, Ancient Writings, Popular Experts, Science Mysteries, and Related Links.

Mystic Places — This is by far my favorite section. Here you learn about everything from the ancient pyramids, the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, ancient Atlantis, and so many more places that have captivated the mind and turned our thoughts towards history.

Strange Artifacts — From maps and relics, here you will learn about the artifacts throughout history that continue to mystify scientists.

Ancient Writings — This section is interesting and discusses everything from the Bible to the writings of Nostradamus. I like to explore these things, and take everything I read with a grain of salt. This section also discusses ancient symbology as well.

Popular Experts — Here you can learn about the people who have written articles on this site, and the guest authors who submit pieces. Check out the Who is Who area on this page to get some biographical information.

Science Mysteries — Here you can read about everything from the Big Bang theory to Nuclear Energy, Astrology to Crop Circles. This section is full of interesting reads—decide for yourself what you believe.

Related Links — Here you will find other links to information on most of the subjects covered here on this site.

This site has just too much information for me to cover completely for you, so get out there and explore the great unknown!


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