Bembo's Zoo

Here at Bembo’s Zoo the first choice you have to make is whether you want to view the site in Flash or go download the flash so you can view the site. I find Flash to usually be worth it because it is fluid, fun, and frisky.

Pick a letter, and let your journey begin.

Each letter has an animal associated with it that begins with the letter you chose. For Example: The letter D gets you the word dragon, and then you watch as the letters themselves make a drawing of a dragon. It’s very neat! The Dragon is my absolute favorite of this site.

Each letter of the alphabet has an animal so it’s a lot of fun to go through the alphabet and watch the remarkable art as the letters turn into animals before your very eyes.

This is a great site that shows you just how remarkable Flash can be, and how much imagination you can employ with a some effort.

I hope that you all like this site as much as I did. It’s a great site to share with your kids and grandkids especially when they’re learning the alphabet.


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