Knowing Poe

This is a really interesting site on Edgar Allan Poe. What do you know about Poe? Most people know about that piece he wrote with the raven in it saying “nevermore”. Well that piece is called “The Raven” and you can find it and his other works here on this site.

The site breaks down into three sections: Poe the Person, Poe the Writer, and the Poe Library.

Poe the Person — Here you can explore who Edgar Allen Poe was. You have the options of exploring the Introduction, Poe’s Baltimore, 203 N. Amity St., Interactive Timeline, It’ll Be the Death of Me, and School Days. The timeline is really cool and has a lot of exploration options, this is my favorite way to get to know Poe the Person.

Poe the Writer— this section breaks down into the following sub-categories: Introduction, Point of View, “The Bells”, The Poetic Principle, Secret Writing, Annotated Poe, Poe the Perfectionist, My Tell-Tale Heart, and Picture This. This section lets you explore not only Poe’s writing, but the aspects of his writing it. You can find out about the code that Poe used in his writing, and what he thought made a poem perfect. And you do it all through examples of this work. I really enjoyed the “Picture This” section.

The Poe Library — This section is really neat and to me was the heart and soul of this remarkable site. Here you learn how Poe’s works have influenced things in today’s time and there are things you may not have even thought of. You can even check out letters that Poe himself penned and learn about his Baltimore. Here you will also find a definitive list of Poe’s works.

This is a marvelous site put together to explain, and honor Edgar Allen Poe, a man who’s writing changed the subject matter that people felt they could write about.


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