Wood Central

One of my favorite childhood memories is trotting out to my grandpa’s garage to watch him while he occupied himself with his hobby of woodworking. I imagine the smell of sawdust when I think of him sometimes.

This site not only encourages wood working, but also gives you a place to share your hobby with people of similar interests, as well as post shots of some of the favorite pieces you’ve made.

Shop Shots is a great section filled with over 700 photos of shop projects. Would you like to add your favorite piece to this collection? If so, snap a shot of it and submit it to the site.

The Articles section is the how to on everything from what power tools to use to finishing that project off with the right stain or poly. You can even learn about how to use hand tools, turning tools, and jig tips and tricks. This section is the real meat of the site.

If you weren’t impressed by that you can also find a message board where you can share ideas or write in to get help on a project, but you can also find essays, contests, and much, much more.

This site brings back a lot of fond memories for me, I hope you find it useful and go get those tools working.



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