Disk Quotas

Tired of having your kids clog the hard drive with music downloads? Want more control over how much space users can access? Then you need to enable Disk Quotas in XP.

With Disk Quotas you can limit and monitor disk space usage on your drives. You do need to have the drive formatted in NTFS to do this.

From the “My Computer” window right-click any drive or partition icon and choose “Properties”. Select the “Quota” tab then check the “Enable quota management” box.


Check “Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit” to prevent users from saving files that go over their assigned limit. If you don’t check this they can exceed their limit but you can still track usage.

Check “Log event when a user exceeds their quota limit” if you want to know whenever a user exceeds their quota limit.

Click Apply to save settings. Windows will then calculate the disk space and log space taken by files created, saved, or copied by each user—this can take a few minutes.

Now click the “Quota Entries” button to bring up the log. You’ll see columns for the Folder, Status, User name, Logon name, Quota Limit, and more.


Double click the user that you want to set limits for in the “Name” column.


Select the “Limit disk space to” radio button. From the drop down list select the file size type (KB, MB, GB) then type in a number. Once this level is reached, if you have “Deny disk space to users who exceed…” checked on the main screen, then when the allocated space is full the user cannot save any more files.

You can set the warning level to alert the User when they get close to their limit (maybe 1 or 2 MB away).

Click OK and the setting will appear in the log for that user.


You can always change these settings or turn disk quotas off.

Also, as long as the other users have limited accounts they can’t access disk quotas or make any changes.

So when your kid comes whining to you that they can’t save a song they want to download, tell them they need to save some files to disk or delete old ones from the drive.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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