Show the Control Panel in "My Computer"

Sure it’s easy to access the Control Panel from the Start menu, but what if you spend a lot of time in “My Computer”? Wouldn’t it make life easier to have access to it there as well?

Earlier versions of windows had the Control panel there, but XP doesn’t, so if you have XP and want it there then keep reading.

Double left-click “My Computer” to open.

Go to Tools/Folder Options.

Under the “View” tab check off “Show Control Panel in My Computer” then click OK.


Now the Control Panel should show up, giving you easy access when needed.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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  1. I do not have the screens that this instruction says I need to access, so I can get the icom for my computer on my desktop selections. What is happening that prevents this. I need this icon.

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