Audio CD's: Data vs. Music CD-R's

I make music CD’s that I play on a regular CD player. Should I use regular data CD-R’s or should I use the kind specified for music?

I’ve never had a problem using regular data CD-R’s to make music CD’s. Some brands work better than others and I have heard of people that can’t get them to play in their stereo.

As for your question, I did some checking around and found out that the CD-R’s specified for music are mainly for stand-alone CD recorders that you can hook up to your home stereo system. My dad has one of these and is transferring his old vinyl and reel-to-reels to CD. The recorder requires Music CD-R’s because they have an extra application code built in that tells the recorder how to act.

Data and Music CD-R’s use the same recording dye as data CD’s so there is no difference in audio quality.

So, save some money and buy the regular data disks to burn music CD’s for your stereo. Find a brand that works with your stereo and stick with it.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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