Tiny Houses

I had the privilege to stay in a house much like some of these shown on the site for Thanksgiving of 2003 and it was quite an adventure. It also made me realize that my tastes run to spacious, well laid out homes where everything flows well. I personally am not made for one room living, but I find these tiny houses charming anyways.

Pictures — this link takes you directly to a page full of pictures. Underneath the photo is a title for the image—if you click the image you can see more of that house and learn about what goes on there. They all has such varying stories that it was hard to pick the one I liked the best, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, and I chose Vlada’s House as my favorite. Why? I loved the hand made stained glass windows and the vibrant house paint.

Artwork — see tiny houses in artwork, and learn all about the artist Grant Wood. This section has some great paintings of tiny houses. Choosing my favorite painting was a lot easier than choosing a favorite tiny house. My favorite painting is the middle painting in the top row. I just love those rounded trees and sweeping hills, I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t even notice the tiny house in that painting.

Definitions — this section has the definitions of terms used frequently on the house so that you can get an accurate definition of what a “tiny” house is.

The last section I want to talk to you about is the “Town Sign” section. I’m not sure how it ties into the tiny houses, but I loved this section. My favorite sign is for Northport, Michigan. It’s so lovely. It’s a painted wooden sign with a lovely ship on it. When you click the pictures you get information about the town as well.



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