Second Disk for Program Won't Work

When I put in the second disk for a program I get a message asking me what program I want to use to open it. Why can’t Windows see the right program?

If you try to install a second disk that only contains data you might get a message when you double-click the drive asking you to choose a program.


Just cancel and open the program that the disk goes with through the desktop shortcut or Start/Programs etc. to access this disk since this one only contains data files.

I know this is the case with our Best Windows Tips Ever CD-ROM. After you install the viewer program from the first disk, you open the program and insert the second disk to view the videos. If you try to access the second disk by selecting your drive you’ll get the choose program message.

If the disk contains video, music, or graphics then Windows XP might try to autoplay. A window will come up asking you what you want windows to do.


Just select “Take no action” then OK. Go to the program and you can access the files from there.

This feature can be turned off. Check out this tip to learn how to control CD autoruns…

So, just ignore those messages. Cancel, then use the appropriate program to access the data on the disk.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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