My Data = My Mondrian

This site’s opener is “Where a human is reduced to data, data is converted into values, values are transformed into art.” What will your Mondrian look like?

This site is named for the Dutch “neo-plasticist” painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) whose art explored modernist theories of space, color and visual rhythm. You’ve probably seen his paintings before—they are composed of just lines, boxes and color.

Click anywhere in the gray area of the page to begin.

Fill out the information that is asked for, examples being gender, height, build, or choose the leave blank option. Then choose submit.

Then it will show you how your information turns into data, what the values are and then you get your art. Art made from the values of your life.

Then you can go back and do it for just about anyone you know—from kids to other adults in your life. It’s really interesting to see how the images very from person to person. Mine had two results—one for my natural hair color and one for the color I dye it. And it made a difference something that small.

This site is really neat, help me pass it on.


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