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Is there a way to specify which music players and programs handle different media file types?

If you have several players and you want different players for different media file types, you should go into the settings for each individual player. For instance: I can tell MusicMatch Jukebox to be the default for my MP3’s, Windows Media Player to handle WAV’s, and WinAmp to do MIDI.

In Windows Media Player go to Tools/Options (if you don’t see “Tools” listed at the top of the window, right click the top bar and it’ll be there). Click on the “File Types” then select the media file types you want played in WMP.

With WinAmp go to Options/Preferences then go to “General Preferences”. Click “File Types” (you may need to double-click if it isn’t listed). Select the file types you want associated with WinAmp. You can also click “All”

MusicMatch Jukebox users can go to Options/Settings then under the “General” tab check off the media file types you want it to be the default player for.

For RealPlayer go to Tools/Preferences then under “Content” select “Media Types”. Check off the file types that you want associated with RealPlayer.

Other media players should have similar methods. Look for Tools, Options, Settings, or Preferences then File or Media Types.

One other option that I feel takes a bit longer is to associate each media file type with a player through Folder Options. From any file window, or the Control Panel, click “Tools” at the top. Select “Folder Options” then click the “File Types” tab. Scroll down the list until you come to a file type (for instance, MP3). Click the “Change” tab then select the player you want to handle those files from the recommended list or other programs.

If you have Windows XP (SP2) and want one player to handle everything go to Start and look for “Set Program Access and Defaults”(if it isn’t there go to “Add/Remove Programs” then click “Set Program Access and Defaults” in the left side column).

Under “Choose a configuration” click “Custom”. Scroll down to “Choose a default media player”. From the list, select the one you want to handle all media files. Click “OK”. Keep in mind that not all file types work in all programs—that means that some will still go to their dedicated player.

Now your MP3’s, WAV’s, etc. should all be handled correctly.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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