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I don’t want my kids using the internet while I’m gone. Is there a way to stop them?

In my opinion, if you can’t be there to monitor activity, then prevent activity. Call me a mean dad if you want, but online mischief is very tempting when there’s no supervision.

First off, you should create a seperate, limited user account for your children. In XP you should set them up as a “Limited” account. If you don’t have these set up, here’s how…

The next step is pretty easy. Logged in under your XP Administrator account, just disable your modem (if on dial-up) or your network connection (DSL/Cable). Here’s how:

Go to Start/Control Panel and right-click “Network Connections” if in Classic View or “Network & Internet Connections” then right-click “Network Connections” if in Category View. Select “Create Shortcut”. It will ask you if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop—click “Yes”.

Double-click your desktop icon and you’ll see your dial-up modem connection(s) and high-speed connection(s) listed.

If you’re on dial-up then right-click your dial-up connection and choose “Disable”. For Broadband (DSL/cable) right-click your high speed connection and choose “Disable”.

And there you go… no Email, Instant Messaging, or Internet until you can supervise.

When you get home and log back in under your administrator account just follow the same procedure but select “connect”.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas

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