Dead or Alive?

Have you ever wanted to know if someone famous was dead or alive? Well now you can find out! With this site you’ll find out who’s among the living and who is deceased.

I mean, it’s tragic when the people who have entertained us pass on. Just recently one of my favorite actors died—James Doohan, who played Montgomery Scott (Scotty) from Star Trek. When I found out I cried out “Oh no!” I was sad that he had passed on because of all the joy he brought to my life through his portrayal of Scotty.

For the How To information on using this site, click “Instructions”. I just clicked around the site and randomly checked things out by using the Alphabet on the side menu. A – Z , just click the letter of your choice and see the alphabetized listings for that letter.

Underneath the alphabet you’ll notice that you can check out Birthdays for Today, Deaths for Today, and then Deaths for the last 6 months. Not to forget who died before age 30, People Alive Over 85, People who lived to 100, and many more categories of note.

There are also Quizzes, Tests, and you can even view by Cause of Death, Statistics and much, much more.

Is your favorite writer, actor, musician, politician still living? Find out here!


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