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This download isn’t anything too fancy, but it doesn’t need to be—it’s a load screen changer called Bootskin. Startdock, the company that brought us CursorXP, is also responsible for this one and together they really get your Windows XP looking absolutely unique. Bootskin is a small program that allows you to change your Windows Startup image (the picture you see while Windows is loading).

The program couldn’t be easier to use. Simply choose your desired image from within the program and hit apply—that’s it. The next time you start your system you should notice your new Bootskin instead of that boring, played out Windows logo.


Don’t feel like you’re stuck with the 6 images that come with Bootskin either. One of the coolest aspects of this program, like its sibling CursorXP, is that you can search through their online library of available images and download the ones you want. There are over 2,000 bootskin images available for download, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something you like.

Together with the CursorXP, custom folder icons, and maybe some other programs like Object Dock or possibly even a new theme from Belchfire, you can make XP your own. A word of advice: if someone sees your tweaked-out system, be prepared for some questions like “how did you do that?” or “where did you get that?” If you do find yourself in this situation there are really two good replies:

1) My buddy Chad at Worldstart showed these free programs in the awesome Worldstart Newsletter.”

2) You can simply tell them that this is highly technical procedure that’s probably best to left to us Computer Geeks.

Tune in next week for one more awesome mod.

~ Chad

Download it here…

Download more skins

Object Dock

Belchfire Themes

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Chad Stelnicki

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