The Honey Expert

Do you love honey? I know I sure do. Set some baklava in front of me and I’m in heaven. But I put honey in my tea, I make honey cakes, and now thanks to this site, I’ve learned that there’s more that I can use honey for than dessert and tea.

There are two ways to navigate this site—you can use the honey jars at the top of that page that are labeled Recipes, Honey Info, Food Service, Kids, Press Room, Athletics, and Search. Or you can use the side menu with Food Science, Honey Research, Education, Links, Honey Promotions, and Featured Honey Varietal.

Let’s start in the Recipes section. Here you can search for a recipe, or you can use the side menu and browse recipes from categories like appetizers, baked goods, beauty recipes, beverages, and breakfast just to name a few. In the Main Dishes section I loved their Ad Lib Teriyaki.

Honey Research — offers a list of topics of things that honey is being researched to see if it can be used for. This section I found interesting due to the plethora of options and things that honey has the potential to be useful in.

Honey Info — is another great section on everything from how honey is made to why you shouldn’t give your baby honey. Here you can also learn the history of honey, cooking, storage, and usage tips, and a whole lot more. A must read section!

Well, feel free to explore the rest, and try out some honey recipes.


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