Your Very Own Domain

So, you would like to design your own website, huh? Well good for you 🙂

Whether it’s a personal site or a business site that you are creating you will need a Domain Name

A Domain Name is a unique name that identifies an Internet Site. Without getting into a bunch of technical jargon it’s basically just the address for your site. For example, the Domain Name for WorldStart is Type that Domain Name into the address bar of your Internet browser and the WorldStart site will appear.

Now that you know what a Domain Name is, let’s choose one! This is the fun part. Pick a name that’s reflective of your site, easy to remember and not too long. Let’s say I’m building a web site in honor of my dog, Lily. I’ll want a name that reflects that. I think she is the greatest but the domain name is too long—even though it’s the truth. Something like or is better. It’s a good idea to have a couple of choices ready in case you find out that one of the names you want is already taken. That’s right. The name you want could already be taken. I did a quick search on and found a statistic, which stated that there are over 45,000,000 names already registered. That statistic is a few years old so I’m sure the number is a lot higher now.

You can find out if the domain name you want is available by going to the “Who Is” section of the InterNic website. InterNic stands for Internet Network Information Center and they have the info we need. Type the name you want into the Whois Search but leave out the www. So, still using my example, I’ll type in and choose the Submit button.


And, the results…. dang, it’s already taken!! If the name you want is already taken then you will be shown the registration information on it, which includes when the registration expires, in case you want to wait it out and buy the name then.

You can always try for a variation on the name you want such as if your heart is set on it. But let’s try the other name Type it in and choose submit. Woohoo, it’s available. If the name you want is available you will see a message that says “No match for domain “SUPERLILYDOG.COM””. Which means that no one else has registered it and it’s available. Now just choose the Registrars link to decide which one of the accredited companies to use to register your domain name.

Next step: Find a Host 🙂

~ Kim

Kim Ganues

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