Wilderness Survival

Well, first of all, how well would you do in a survival situation? Take the quiz and find out. I passed at 75%, missing questions that, if I were in a survival situation, wouldn’t matter as much like crossing the river safely. If I want to spend the time building a bridge to get across, let me.

What else will you find here? Well, tons of survival information. Do you know what to do if a plane crashes and you survive? Do you know what to not eat because it’s poisonous? Could you make a fire in the middle of nowhere with just the stuff in the area?

If you can’t, you can find out how on this site. You can find out about dangerous fish, insects, and animals. Learn about survival gear, and how to make a shelter that will keep you out of the storm.

To navigate through the sections, use the menu on the sidebar. They are divided into three categories: Wilderness Survival, Survival Reference, and Marketplace (which we won’t be discussing here).

I really liked the information provided in the Survival Reference section. Lots of pictures of what the things you need to watch out for look like. The fish were exceptionally interesting, because a lot of people assume you can just eat whatever you catch, not even realizing that they would die from toxins, or get stung from fin spines.

Don’t get lost in the woods—be prepared.



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