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“This web site offers various tips and techniques for playing poker, both for the beginner playing for the first time, as well as the advanced player looking for new ideas.”

I have a vague idea of how to play poker and have a hard time keeping things straight in my head when I’m playing with real cards. Give me video poker or poker in a game, and I do fantastically.

Now I can learn the rules of poker, get tips on how to be a better player, learn about bluffing and tells, betting, etiquette, and even strategies.Etiqueete

History — learn the history of where poker originated. It’s interesting. It has roots from all over Europe, and even Egypt.

Rules – the rules of the game can be found here. This also shows you the hands, from royal flush to high card.

Styles — here you will learn the difference between Texas Hold’em (my favorite), 7 card Stud, and 5 card Draw.

Etiquette — learn poker etiquette for online and offline poker. It’s mostly common courtesy and common sense.

Betting — probably the most confusing thing to me, but this explains the betting system in a concise fashion that makes it easy to understand.

Bluffing — this is an art, a poker art. Can you bluff and make someone think you are either doing really well or really poorly?

Tells — what advertises your good hand to the other players? Or your losing hand? Either way, it’s important to put on your poker face.

Strategies — this section runs through some strategies you can use when playing poker.

Where to play — this section gives you ideas on where you can play poker, online or offline.

This site is pretty self — explanatory, but I’m a better poker player from having read this site.

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