I must confess thatI have a weakness for popcorn, but after checking out this site, I feel a lot better about eating it! I’ve also found quite a few new ways to eat it, too!

The sections of the site are For Kids, Teachers, Nutrition & Recipes, Encyclopedia Popcornica, About Us, and the Guest Book.

For Kids — this section is full of activities for kids. From a booklist, to coloring pages and even some worksheets based on their grade level.

Teachers — Here you can learn lots of interesting ways to teach about popcorn, with different resource sections, and note to educators, it’s hard to get steered in the wrong direction. One the areas in this section is how popular is popcorn? I was curious so I checked it out. Did you know that “Americans consume 54 quarts per man, woman and child each year? Approximately 70 percent of that is purchased at retail stores in both raw and popped form, and eaten at home!

Nutrition & Recipes — Well obviously you’ll find recipes here. From Carmel Corn to Cheesy Popcorn Bread to Tex Mex Mix. It all sounds tasty and interesting. You’ll also find nutritional information, a calorie counter, and even some popping tips.

Encyclopedia Popcornica — here you can find the History of Popcorn, Popcorn Tips, Industry Facts, Popcorn Poppers, and How does Popcorn Pop? It was really interesting to find out how popcorn actually pops. I definitely recommend reading that section.

Well, I’ve made myself really hungry, I need to go pop a bag of popcorn and have a snack!


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