The Virtual Stapler

I love staplers. I adore them. I even have a spiffy purple upright space saving stapler on my desk. But I don’t think I’d ever write Stapler poetry, and let me tell you some of the haiku was amazing. Check it out in the “Stapler Poetry” section where you can find Haiku, Limericks, and Poetry all about staplers.

I’d also recommend the Gallery where you can check out several different types of staplers. All amazing—although I must confess I prefer the upright, I am also fond of SVAN stapler.

Now this going to shock you—look at the “Buy the Red Swingline”, *gasp* I know it’s commercial, but I don’t actually want you to buy it. I want you to go there and look at the gallery of funny pictures with the stapler in it. To get to the gallery click on the “Action Shots” tab. One of my favorites is the “Orcs are Lurking Everywhere”.

There are also Stapler desktops that you can nab for on your own desktop, my desktop is currently sporting the purple SVAN stapler desktop. There are even instructions on how to use them on your own computer, so there is no guessing.

Now for the coolest part of the site, scroll back up to the top of the page and click on the big stapler picture, keep clicking. Watch that stapler work. You can also switch models with the pictures of the other staplers to the side. I’m so silly I spent about three minutes just clicking on the stapler listening to the “ker-chunk” sound.

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