Weekly Download: LeechGet

I tried to run a program like this that I came across about 6 months ago. The features sounded great, but I felt that it fell short in execution forcing me to abandon it for a more promising application. Though I can’t remember that program’s name, I of course remember its function. It was a download manager.

I found myself thinking, “A download manager, what do I need that for?” Good question. It was something new and I wanted to run it but could I find enough uses for the program. Could I justify using it as a download of the week?

Well, I ran across a download manager this week in my eternal search and I decided to see if this particular version was any more marketable than the first I tried. LeechGet is the name for this particular download manager and I’m glad I tried it—the program isn’t as one-dimensional (or gross) as the title would make it appear. It’s loaded with features and capabilities far beyond what you would expect.

Immediately upon running LeechGet the aspect of ease-of-use appears primary from the straightforward Outlook Express style of interface. Of course there is a wonderful full-featured Help file that will show how to manage the program like a pro. LeechGet really shines when you see it in action, and there are many ways to accomplish the same thing, so no matter how you like to manipulate a program it’s sure to accommodate you. LeechGet also has plug-in capability for Internet Explorer inherently and in Opera and Mozilla with a download.

I’ve done all this talking about the program and I probably should elaborate on the purpose of the program before I run out of space or you get to bored to listen any further.

A download manager is just that—it basically is a program that allows you to take direct control over, not only downloads, but also elements in an entire web page. That’s right. With LeechGet you can parse a website, which means that the LeechGet will go through a site and gather information on every link, image, any element that makes up the website. LeechGet will then display all this information to you in its own polished interface where you can then apply filters, such as download all the jpg’s from the site. After the filters you select “Next” and the LeechGet will download all the jpg’s from the site into a folder of your designation. I played around with it for an hour or so and I became a believer, and maybe after seeing the complete list of features you may be interested.

* Full Internet Explorer integration: Plug-Ins for Mozilla and Opera users are available. Additionally, you can start downloads via Drag&Drop or intercept them from clipboard.
* Comfortable Wizards ensure that you get downloads done as easy and fast as possible
* Built-in download history and Traffic counter
* A speed monitor shows you the current bandwidth usage
* LeechGet allows you to specify either how much bandwidth the downloads may use all together or set values for every single download (Speed limit)
* Possibility to split downloads into smaller parts (called Tasks) to speed up transfer
* Schedule downloads for a certain time
* Web-Parser included
* LeechGet is available in over 20 languages (among others: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese…)

I told you this thing has got some really cool features. Download it and try it out, experiment a little and if you create websites this could be a very useful tool. LeechGet is great when you’re researching something online because you can create databases from your website parses—everything stays organized and archived. If none of these situations sound like you, it may still be useful as a great way to grab stuff off of a site you enjoy.

Download it here…

~ Chad Stelnicki

**WorldStart is not the developer of this software and can not offer technical support.

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