missing newsletter?

Last week your newsletter stopped showing up in my Inbox. What happened?

This problem is occurring more and more often with all email services.
As the email filtering frenzy continues, email hosts end up blocking legitimate email (like this newsletter) while the “bad guys” sneak their unsolicited commercial e-junk (UCE) into your inbox. We’ve told you about MSN/Hotmail blocking pictures in HTML emails and all the problems with AOL (and a fix). Email hosts change their filters to block more UCE, and sometimes that causes emails that you once received regularly to be filtered out.

What a surprise when our newsletter started showing up in the Yahoo Mail “Bulk” folder. We’re “whitelisted” with them and have met their demands so we DON’T get sent there. Apparently, they’ve made some changes. If our newsletter or any other newsletter you’re subscribed to stops showing up in your inbox, Check your “Bulk Folder”. If the newsletter is there, open it and go to the top or bottom of the message and click the “Not Sp am” button.

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