This site contains over 900 vintage Chinese propaganda posters and is an interesting historical lesson about events in China from the 1960’s to 1980’s. These vintage posters have a strange amount of charm. So let’s enjoy the art and historical perspective.

“It was said, that the major elements of the Daqing Spirit were the Three Togethers (eat together, live together and labour together) and the “Iron Man Spirit” (incarnated by Wang Jinxi, a worker in Daqing who “ignored his own safety and exchanged his life for oil”).”

You can view the posters in several ways. You can click the Posters link and look at all 900+ posters or you can view them by category: Children, Civic Duties, Culture & Science, Educators & Health, Heroes, Mao & Leaders, Military, Motherland, Movies, Peasants, Socialism, Sports, Women, and Workers. You can also check out the Calendar Cards, once-popular playing-card-sized calendars. Or you can check out the newest additions at the very bottom of the side menu.

The Movie posters were odd and interesting at the same time. The colors are very bright and eye catching, and the type of movie isn’t always very evident. I wonder what some of them were about. The Education and Health were interesting. Many of them show reading or counting. The health ones show how to care for infants and children. They were pretty neat.

I also enjoyed looking at the Chinese characters. A friend of mine is learning Chinese at college and is teaching me, so it was nice to have something to practice on.

This page would be particularly interesting to history and art enthusiasts.

~ Amanda

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